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Co-founded by Dr. Mark Sheplak, an internationally recognized expert in the area of instrumentation-grade, MEMS-based sensors for fluidic and acoustic measurements, and backed by a team of engineers and scientists, IC2 brings multi-domain expertise in aerospace testing, precision sensor development, and proven MEMS fabrication technology. Through intimate exposure to experimental aerodynamics and aeroacoustics and decades of interdisciplinary research and development, we have gained a deep understanding of the measurement challenges aerospace engineers and researchers face, and how to precisely overcome them.

Aerospace Sciences: Aeroacoustics, Aerodynamic Measurement Technology, Remote Sensing & Applications, Ground Testing
Aircraft Atmospheric Systems: Aircraft Design, Helicopter Design, V/STOL Aircraft Systems, Hypersonic Systems, Flight Testing, Test & Evaluation
Propulsion and Energy: Gas Turbine Engines, High Speed Air Breathing Propulsion
Information Systems: Sensor Systems, Micro-Nanotechnology


DirectShear Sensing Systems PDF
Signal Conditioning PDF